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Are You A Republican Or A Democrat?


In 2015, you’ll find articles, books, videos, links, and news feeds representing both parties here. So, if you are undecided, this page can help you make up your mind. And if you are a seasoned voter, you can help represent your party’s views by participating in the polls and expressing why you chose your party. There are several articles, duels, and video clips of people sharing their reasons for being a Republican or a Democrat, some of which I ask for your opinion, starting with the 2008 Presidential Election. First, the Republican viewpoint is represented. The Democrat viewpoint begins after [Continue Reading]

Robin Hood Tax – Would you support it?


Yes, I know it is not a perfect idea, and has still to be thought through more, but, and this is the point. We have to try new ideas. Image the number of times in one minute a transaction is done by speculators, who in the end create nothing, only profits for themselves. They got us into this mess, time to make a payback. We want THIS Tax, NOW Tell your friends, enemies, politicians, anybody. I bank with The Bank of America. The interest rate from the Bank of America is 0.5%. I have received a very nice letter from [Continue Reading]

All The Solar News And Background You Need


Solar power isn’t perfect, but it’s about as perfect as we can get if we need heat or electricity and don’t want to generate emissions by burning carbon-based fuels (coal, oil, gas) or hazardous waste from nuclear power plants. Here we’ll see what is going on with solar technology- the good, the great and the horrible. As a preview, here are some of the key issues: solar energy isn’t pollution free because the manufacture of solar cells and their contents can cause significant environmental damage on site, as can the mining of minerals used to improve the properties of solar [Continue Reading]

The Real Question For Climate Change – Do You Care Enough?


World Climate is a self regulating environment that now has big problems. It will always be difficult to control emissions and enforce savings without government laws. The problem is that many world leaders are too close to the industry leaders and are subject to relentless lobbying to make it easier for companies to maximize their investment and often hide patients that would benefit the world, because it would effect those investments. Let’s hope the world can agree in December a new Climate Protocol? As everybody knows, the world could not agree to save future generations from the changes we have [Continue Reading]